If He Could Shed Some Light

December 6, 2006

Would I do it?
No. Not in my right minds.
I don’t hate this world that much,
I don’t LOVE this world that much.

What did he hope to succeed?
It was clear that the news
would be buried under tons of
pussies, stupid songs, stock rates and soccer.

Pain is confronted by a greater pain,
old men say.
Was that he was after?
A greater pain to forget?

Somewhere on Earth,
there’s an open wound
square miles of blood.
Could he feel so far away?

He was an artist they say.
Weird people artists are, I hear.
Big eyes, big ears they have,
catching what escapes the rest of us.

They love trees, colors, life.
They can go as far as loving other human beings.
Weird people they are, indeed.
The way they love the light.

So, could it be the darkness
that covered the world
whenever he looked
over the past years?

I’ll go with that last theory.
It’s more sane than blaming insanity.
I’d say he wanted us to see
by shedding some light.


Written for Malachi Ritscher who set himself on fire and burned to death in Chicago in protest to the ongoing war at Iraq. Why he did it is plainly explained here by him himself.

So long there has been nothing in the Greek media (or in any international media that I’m aware of) about this man. That seems funny because media carrion-buzzards would kill to sell such a painful story. Yet, Mr. Ritscher cannot be sold in any evening news show because he would inevitably remind to everyone that countless lives have been lost and a country is totally sunk into violence and terror for no good reason.

Thanks again to the Danish newspaper that brought this up and to Allan for relaying it here.

Spread the word.

UPDATE: 04 May 2007. Malachi Ritscher’s self-immolation protest didn’t pass unnoticed and that was probably due to bloggers and netizens around who circulated. Today there is even a wikipedia page about him.

This post in no way aims in promoting similar self destructive means of protest! I strongly disagree with such ways. Yet, I felt that I had to spread the word and I needed to show my respect for a man that gave his life trying to stop a cruel and unjustified war.


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