Natural Born Killers (And Their Distributors)

April 19, 2007

I wasn’t into writing anything about the Virginia killings. What could I write anyway? Phrases like “I’m sorry” cost nothing and mean even less. I’m tired of feeling sorry. The same day another train was blown up in India killing 66 peopleand all the while the Iraq body count increases by dozens each day.

Violence seems to be on the loose around the planet. It didn’t impress me that a psycho was able to arm himself in USA (everyone says it’s too easy to buy a weapon there), and start killing people. What impresses me more is that it doesn’t happen more often (or maybe it does if we take Michael Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine” documentary into account).
What impressed me even more was the fact that the pictures and videos that this psycho sent to a major media company were instantly published all over the net and even aired in television.
Pardon me, but aren’t the media in USA which censor and don’t air videos of Twin Towers to keep citizens from unneeded stress? I hear that even certain songs that may evoke Twin Towers memories are on the black list.
If my impression is right then I can’t understand why this media company was so quick to publish the rubbish of that psycho. Other than the freedom of speech (so outright suppressed when it comes to issues like the Iraq war and the 9/11) I can find no other possible excuse for such a move. Yet, there are obvious drawbacks in airing that stuff which can’t be neglected:
1. The whole pack of rubbish adds little or nothing informative. At least from what I saw there are images depicting that asshole posing like something in between a commando and a Matrix warrior. Why would that shit be informative?
2. It will (obviously) be torturous and of no value for the families and friends of the deceased to see his full of hate and stupidity eyes all over.
3. It may provoke racist and violent reactions against everyone with an Asian face. If you’re not an Asian you very well know that it is very difficult to distinguish their faces (same thing goes with the black if you’re not one and with the everyone isn’t like you). If you are an egghead also, you will see him in every Asian you meet.
4. It makes him a star. Oh, yes. He’s getting more publicity than he might ever had dreamed of. That’s of no importance to him now but it is most important for the psychos eager to follow his steps. It’s like guaranteeing to the next senseless killer that s/he will be a star too. Exactly like the “Natural Born Killers” film.
Well one thing is for sure. Commercial zone around the psycho’s video airing had got to cost really much. As for why such people are made and are able to arm themselves, well we could talk for hours…or not?



  1. I agree with the sentiment, but one note…

    A great many of the news reports I saw had thrown up timelines of mass murder events that appeared basically to have been pulled verbatim from wikipedia (no citation, I’ll note), indicating that MSM is now finally getting on board with the fact that there *is* an Internet.

    The Interblag was afire with people attempting to get more information on Cho. Media companies know this, and they are deathly afraid that their diminishing ad revenue will continue to drop unless they draw viewers away from the web and back in front of the television.

    MSM is guilty of providing this banquet of rantings for the populace to consume, but they wouldn’t do it if it didn’t draw viewers (which also explains why you can’t find Twin Tower refrences anymore, and why in 3 months the VA footage will be downplayed in the media… because the American Media Consumer will have overeaten and be disgusted by the sight of it).

  2. So, they are at war with the internet and they’re losing money. Haven’t thought about that but seems like a good explanation of why they seem to be so inhuman and socialy irresponsible. (And one that makes them even more disgusting.)

    Thank you for commending dear padraic (and thank you once more because you’re my first commendator in this orbit).

    HYS (Hope You Smile)

  3. we the people have been surpassed by “it” the dollar. so sad. so sad. but it simply can’t be denied. sometimes i feel small. tiny.

  4. Funny that dollars cost more than human lives.

    Thank you for commending dear Michele.

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