Greek Black Day

April 21, 2007

21 of April is a filthy anniversary for my country.

At this date in the year 1967 a military coup succeeded in overthrowing government. Military dictatorship (aka junta) ended almost 7 years later and only after the tragic events of November 1973 student uprising and the Turkish invasion in Cyprus (*).

Don’t want to say more about this. The brutality of the regime that hijacked power as well as the hijacking itself makes me wanna throw up. You can find a very informative article here if you’re interested to learn more.

* No link here. I just can’t find a page with the bare facts but no propaganda and I’m not willing to enter the game of Greeks VS Turks.



  1. I think it´s wise of you not to provide a link. In my experience, a conflict as old as this one (Greeks vs Turks)can´t be solved from the outside – and I´m sorry if I am misinterpreting the situation when I sense that you don´t see yourself as a part of it.

    When you throw shit at someone, some of it will stick on yourself, as an old Danish saying goes.

    And the brutality back in the day cannot be argued.

  2. Dear Allan,
    It is at least stupid for anyone to deny that arrogance of the Greek dictators wasn’t a major cause of the Turkish invasion in Cyprus. It may also be hard to deny that there were political and military wrongdoings from the Cypriots themselves. It is also very hard to justify the Turkish invasion and the possession of half a country even if one is not Greek or Cypriot. It is also hard to deny that US secret services and military didn’t play a very active role during the whole story. Finally it is very hard to deny that few of the aforementioned leaders and groups paid for the party. Those who paid where simple people that were tortured, exiled, sent to war, killed, lost their properties.

    I think that the Cyprus problem is too hard to be solved on the fields that it was created. In other words I don’t believe that any solution may come out of diplomats, politicians and Generals. At least not if Cypriots, that is the people who actually live there, decide what they want to do with their country.

    And you’re right, I do not want to go into this problem. I don’t have the necessary knowledge of history neither an accurate birds-eye view of the situation there. Yet, I strongly believe that people themselves face the same problems and that should be a basis on building friendship instead of creating more controversy. I think all three nations have seen enough violence, arrogance and suppression. We all should know better than fight each other.

    PS: Btw, welcome to my new home :). It’s nice to see that some things don’t change regardless of the domain name.

  3. yay i found your new blog! i missed it. sorry about your black day. seems like everyday in the states is a black day lately, with massacres on college campuses and bomb threats and lame stuff like that. at least you are in greece. i had a lamb gyro last summer and i hear that’s greek. it was yummy.

    and many apologies for being totally naive about international relations. i hope you still like me a little…

  4. Hi dear Anna.
    Thank you for coming by in my new home :).

    I, too, receive the same bad feeling about US lately but I don’t live there so I often thought that it might be just my reflection of the Iraq war and all.

    Gyros is Greek, yes. You can find it everywhere here. Yet, I have to warn you that it’s not considered the healthiest food around. It usually has a lot of fat in it. So, don’t overdo it :).

    You don’t have to apologize for not knowing much about international affairs. I don’t know much either. I’m just positive that, regardless of what’s been done in the past, we (people around the globe) will soon have to cooperate if we are to survive as a species or we can continue endless local fights while we become extinct.

  5. You´re welcome, Zero.

    Don´t think you´ll be able to hide yourself from me and my comments. Regardless of domains.

    Must read! Must read!

  6. :))
    No, this thought actually never crossed my mind.

    Thank you for your support (and your ruthless critique) man.

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