April 28, 2007

“There is nothing but relationships” a mathematician once told me.
One is interconnecting point for vibrant purple strings that carry the meaning of it all.
One is a vibrant purple string that interconnects it all.

All is a huge vibrant blanket.
In such an existence nothing is alone. Every action has it’s repercussion on everything else. Even the slightest pull of a string reflects on every other.

Pain that occurs elsewhere finds its way to everyone. So does pleasure, happiness, sense of fulfillment. Actions come back to their creators like puppy waves.

I’m a man of my era. Object oriented. Learned to consider me a distinct entity in the world just because I can unstuck my feet from the ground. Learned to ignore strings that pass through me to compose me.

I’m a man of my era. But my era is coming to an end.
With or without me.
With or without you.


1. Image from here.
(Image is a screenshot from, what appears to be, a very interesting animation.)



  1. “All is a huge vibrant blanket”

    I think it´s a good way to see things.

    Not that I believe that I – or anyone else human – will be able to fully understand the scheme of things. We will have to use imaginary pictures to grasp what we usually call reality.

    This picture makes me responsible and dependent of others – therefore it´s a good picture.

    Other pictures used to describe all things leave me as an island disconnected from others. I think pictures like that would be useless.

  2. “…leave me as an island disconnected from others…”
    And like they say “No man is an island” :).

    Thanks for commending dear Allan.

  3. Great post. 🙂

  4. Thank you dear Sarah 🙂

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