May Day

April 30, 2007

Gaia is spinning to dawn that day again.
First Moon ray will be the Maybe.
First Sun ray will be Mayday.

Fairies and leprechauns will roam the forests. Flowers will bloom and fill the air with Eros. Eros will take his bow and arrows and go hunting.
For lovers to be, brothers who fight
liars to be not, those who suck human blood.

Spirits will flow in the rhyme of rebirth.
We are pregnant.
Future will be the name of the baby.

Memories of a future to come will rise from that Chicago square and stream every corner on human Earth. Pregnant minds will gather and march. Honesty, democracy, tolerance, peace, decency, humanism will be the banners as in every Mayday since the Mayday that started it all. A river will it be. Fiercer wherever obstacles come into its way.

Deserted land and thirsty mouths are waiting.

And next time there will be no Noah to save the falling grace of evilness.
And no media to grand him savior.

Gaia will spin.
People will follow.


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