Our Civilization Seizes To Exist …

May 5, 2007

…as soon as power goes out.

This saying can be found written on several walls in downtown Athens.

Think a little about it. No power means no lights. Hope you keep some candles around or you’ll keep stumbling upon the dead home cinema and your couch, both fundamental elements of our civilization according to the ads. Of course you can’t have a bubbling bath or a shower, another basic according to the ads, because you’ll freeze and/or water comes all the way up to your home using electrical pumps. What about a nice meal (yet another ads basic)? Heh, hope you have something in a can ’cause stupid kitchen needs power too. Of course you also need an old fashioned manual can opener. What? Only an electrical in store? Well then, why don’t eat this deep frosen meat before it defrosts and reanimates and eats you? … Okay, Okay so long with staying home. Maybe you should take your car and go out for a while. Better though to avoid downtown ’cause traffic lights use electricity to keep chaos from streets (or at least they try)…

If you extrapolate this mess for a quite long period, say a week, well…that could be the end of the world as we know it.

Heh, that writing on the wall is much more wiser than it seems.

And it was exactly that writing that came to me when I read this piece of news: Homeless man disrupts Internet2 service. Just imagine the scene. Poor homeless tosses his cigarette and goes away to find a bench for the night. While he curses his luck for a millionth time and arranges a bunch of newspapers to keep him warm, a bunch of engineers are getting mad because the most advanced telecommunication technology just died away. Poor man is getting to sleep and dreams of the day that all these assholes in the big apartments will understand how little sets them apart from him and his luck…

Just an elongated blackout.
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  1. Hailing from an area that produces almost as much as 70% of Greece’s electricity reserves your post really dreads me.

    Smog is in my blood man, can’t live without it…

    I’d kill all homeless people if i had to so that power never went out!

  2. 😆
    That was genuine pride for your area’s product or what?

    OK, OK. Leave the homeless alone, you smog-man. I promise that nothing will interrupt your energy from reaching all of us.

    Thanks for commending dear Moutzouris (or bidibis, hey stop changing names you confuse me 🙂 )

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