3 For The Road

May 10, 2007

Sarkozy is cruising around, despite turmoil in Paris. Apparently open sea gives him new ideas about how to rehabilitate uncivilized immigrants. Turmoils is a piece of cake for him. Just picks up a mobile and dispatch riot police. Rioters bath in their blood. Sarkozy baths in Mediterranean. French right-wings and pensioners are proud to be French. Rousseau turns in his grave.

G8 is to land in Germany. Left-wings and activists are considered trash on the landing strip. Government frantically cleans the area but some fear that strong anti-globalization winds will quickly fill the place all over again. Maybe some terribly democratic EU body should vote a law to ban winds.

Historical youth center in Denmark was sold to a homophobic and islamophobic Christian sect. An anti-terror squad evicted squatters and then hell break loose. Apparently the new tenants didn’t like the decoration and wanted to change it all. Banners and the like may be replaced by many bleeding crucified Christs.



  1. I’m not exactly anti-global but sarkozy could never be my favourite pet. I dont know why, perhaps my Pasok reflections do not allow me to turn my back on socialists even though i’m not a socialist too.

    I like the Irish model as much as the scandinavian one. Am i nuts or what? You tell me that you know exactly what you are

  2. So, I give the impression that I know exactly what I am?

    I’ll let you down but sorry I can’t tell I’m this or that. I can tell you what I am in terms of what I’m not (which might lead to a classification which serves to nothing really). So, no. I don’t think you’re nuts. Not at all. Your PASOK reflections are the same reflections that many Greeks carry. It’s a dream of a socialistic revolution that actually never happened but was nonetheless necessary. Big Papandreou speeches are part of Greek dream scape and it’s that dream scape that is a blessing and a curse for his son.

    In my humble opinion what we saw as a socialistic reform during early 80’s in Greece was just the Greek version of Scandinavia’s peaceful socialism. And, always in my humble opinion, this form of peaceful reforms were allowed in order to prevent a more violent and uncontrollable communism with direct or indirect USSR ties. All the while, Scandinavia was smart enough to develop a strong industry and economy. We didn’t. So, when USSR pressure was off, our socialism went to hell.

    Ireland is a different story (and an ongoing experiment). We’ll see how it goes.

    I don’t know if I answered anything by all this. Anyway, in case I left you wondering at what the hell I believe in I’d say that I believe in “all for one and one for all”. (There were also three other guys that said the same thing, I think).

    Thank you for commending pal 🙂

  3. I think your analysis was great mr g.

    What i highlight is two phrases: “…the Greek version of Scandinavia’s peaceful socialism.” and “Scandinavia was smart enough to develop a strong industry and economy”

    To me the real problem in Greek politics hasn’t been “the socialism” or any other ideology but the “greek version” think you mentioned. I’m afraid most people believed in the… superpowers of papandreou rather than socialism itself. Irrespective of his good intentions though his biggest mistake in my humble opinion was establishing populism and we can see that more clearly in our televisual days.

    Scandinavians not only were smart enough but they also believed more in your saying “all for one and one for all”, i suppose or they had a stronger sense of community. On the other hand with us being individualistic and hating or being suspicious of each other due to innumerable civil wars in our history i dont’ think socialism could ever be a successful story here. It would be “Greek Version”…

    However we can not blame it all on people because history and Geography are not negligible factors either.

  4. I think your analysis is great too dear Mountzouri. Nevertheless I believe that there isn’t much of an option here or elsewhere. I believe that Rosa Luxeburg was dead right when she wrote “Socialism Or Barbarism”.

  5. For me it´s most interesting to read the article about the state on my country (Denmark) as described by an “outsider”. I agree in mos of the stated opinions and analysis.

    You know, I´m to the left myself politically. Even though I in many ways live as an active member of the market economy of which I am depending of. A discrepance which is as pragmatic as it´s necessary.

    But then again, don´t we all?

    Our lives are made of dilemmas between which we have to navigate. I for one feel like I´m a Chaos Pilot.

    Should I gather together my views on these things, I´d say that my opinion on the present situation is, that the free market is a good servant but a very bad master. In other words we´ll need to keep the “free” powers of the market economy under close supervision and control.

    Did this have much to do with your post, Zero? Dunno – but I´ve had my say.

  6. Allan we’ve been e-pals for a very long time (more than a year is a fairly long time for the cyberspace). So, that gives you the right to comment whatever you want no matter how relevant it is with the current post :-).

    …which doesn’t apply here ’cause your comment is up to the point.

    I too, felt like a Chaos pilot, when I was collecting bits and pieces for this post and I am, exactly like you, politically to the left. I, too, live in this world and try to get by in the free market economy.

    I’m not for these guys that tend to abolish left wings because they live in a system that they also judge. Such views are stupid to say the least. I’m also not for the opinion that left wings should feel guilty of living in this world. Guilt is a feeling that should go to system-apologizers, not left wings.

    Free market…I don’t believe in free market. Or to be more accurate, I don’t believe that people can control powers behind free market. The whole game comes with such anarchic and chaotic rules that is very much uncontrollable. I think that free market has one target at its heart, that is to make profit. And then, if all states were to control and regularize the game, it wouldn’t be a free market any more.

    Thank you very much for commending.

  7. Right, Zero.This, as so much else, is a matter of definitions.

    Of course you´re right when you state that a controlled market is not a free market. What I mean by controlled is, that government should collect taxes and have monopoly on certain, vital functions in society. Like hospitals, schools, energy and so on and so forth. In my opinion it´s ok, even beneficial, to own a small shop or your own house in order to provide for yourself and your family.

    This was my definition 🙂

  8. And that’d be a kind of market that I’d vote and campaign for 🙂

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