The Fountain

May 20, 2007

Every so and then it happens that one is confronted with a work of art that stamps her for a lifetime. You may know that it is so right on or you might need some time before realizing it.

The stamp left on me by The Fountain was of the former kind. I knew it the moment I was heading for the theater exit. Not an easy task as my mind was like a calm night with snowflakes swirling around.

I had read a critic before going to see the movie and I must admit that it was one of the rare times when I found a critic’s advice useful. The advice was this “this movie is firstly seen with the heart and afterwards with the eyes”.


The Fountain is about life and love. Nothing more, nothing less. From a technical point of view it consists of three convolving love stories of a man trying to save the life of the woman he loves. Each story evolves in it’s own timeline (past, present and future) but all the while they stay closely connected. But that’s just the technical part – which by the way can lead to several mind-blowing hours of discussion since the story doesn’t reveal itself right from the beggining. Yet, there is plenty of stuff on the net if you’re interested on that.

What I found in there was the best (and most consolling) view on death I’ve ever heard. Well, if we are to speak technically again, this view is a descentant of Eastern cultures and beliefs, but it was the first time that I saw it the way a sceptic westerner could really grasp it – free from all the new-age and hippie frequently void rhetorics. Point is that there is no such thing as death. There is simply no such notion in Cosmos. Death as a state is a static image in the living human minds no more eligible than notions like Hell and Paradise. Me, you, everyone is just an expression in Cosmos that is constantly transforming itself. Death, as such, is yet another transformation that inevitably leads to a new expression. Or to put it roughly as it is heard somewhere in the movie, someone dies and is buried under a tree and the tree feeds on her and a bird comes and eat a fruit of the tree and she becomes part of the bird… You get the notion.

Yet, that all is also quite technical and has little to do with the reason I stumbled upon chairs in my way out of the theater and had a smile upon my face while all the while I desperatelly wanted to break into a river of fucking tears and laugh the hell out of me. Like the critic said, this had had to do with seeing the movie heart-first.

Image is a still from the movie and can be found here.



  1. Off I am to the movies – heart first.

  2. 🙂 Tell me what you think of it afterwards.

  3. thnx for the tip… based on a commercial, i thought it was nothing special…

  4. I understand your stance towards commercials. I have it too but luckily I hadn’t seen any about that one. Perhaps this was because at the time the movie “300” was getting it all. Anyway, I really think it worths watching.

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