June 3, 2007

May 25 2007: Amalia loses the battle with cancer and the corrupt Greek Health System. Amalia was in pain since she was 8 years old. She died this day at the age of 30 [1].

May 29 2007: Japanese Agriculture minister Matsuoka committed “hara-kiri” amid various political funds scandals [2].

June 1 2007: Greek bloggers and supporters were e-bombing EU and Greek officials with the protest text about Amalia [1].

June 1 2007: A newborn died in Athens due to lack of ambulances and newborn emergency clinics [3]. Athens is the city that hosted last shiny Olympic games which cost more than I can count. In post-Olympic Athens there is 1 (yes – ONE) ambulance capable of transporting newborns. Yet, in post-Olympic Athens there are beautiful stadiums that can proudly host as many Champion Leagues as you want.


I’m strongly tempted to redirect
a) many Greek politicians, that over the past two decades were voting for cutting down Health budgets in the name of profitability and other such beautiful managerial terminology,
b) Diva-doctors of the kind that you often see in expensive BMW’s and cruise boats resting in shiny Greek islands,
c) Incompetent health system officials planted at their positions by rotten politicians,
to THIS SITE. They should know what to do.

PS: PASOK is one of the two major Greek political parties. “Left” Pasok has been governing Greece for almost two decades – a tradition that was recently broken by Right “New Democracy” which is in power for about the last 3 years. “SO” in PASOK stands for Socialistic. Amalia was being tortured while PASOK was in power.

PASOK representative E. Venizelos maintains a blog. (Google it if you want it.) According to him he managed to get Greek Parliament to accept Amalia’s blog as an official document. At first E.Venizelos claimed that Parliament denied Amalia’s blog due to it containing curses. At this I commended in his blog that maybe he should remind to those MPs that WE, the cursing people of Greece, are putting them there and this means that next time we’ll might be more careful about who we pick to represent us. My comment never showed up (at least not untill the time of me writing this down). Maybe E. Venizelos took it personaly. He was partly right.

Just for the record though. Accepting Amalia’s blog was not his victory. Amalia’s writtings were driven into Greek parliament by the protesters. I’d be more than sorry if that whole story would be (once again) exploited by the same privatize-everything-while-unrooting-what’s-common ideology that created the whole problem. (Btw, E. Venizelo, don’t commend to this – you’ll get moderated.)

Wheels are turning.

1. See previous post.
2. More here.
3. More here (Greek).


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