Fishing In The Web

June 6, 2007

1. To be accurate, OLPC is the name of the initiative that aims in building and dispersing these cheap laptops which come under the official name XO-1. Here I use the term OLPC to reffer to both the initiative and the laptop itself.
2. 1st image from here
3. 2nd image from here



  1. I like the fact that you don´t mention the demonstrations when you talk about the G8 meetings.

    I think it´s hard to find out these days what it´s all about – since the established media seem to be more interested in water guns than in how to make a more economically just world.

    And as usual it´s more interesting to notice what the G8 meeting is NOT talking about than what it´s actually debating.

  2. the olpc project has been in the air for such a long time that, taking it’s low cost into account, i have to thnk that the g8 simply doesn’t want it to happen…

  3. @ Allan: Yes, media are always interested in spectacle rather than essence. That makes them usually part of the problem. Regarding the shift of G8 interests I think that at least now they are talking what really matters to them, that is how to split the pie (yet again). I’m afraid they were never there to counterfeit world poverty and all.

    @ Dule: OLPC has been around for fairly long but the project is now at deployment phase. Yet, corporation vultures (like Intel) want to get a share of a market they neither created nor ever believed in. Of course this market, the developing countries, were never supposed to work like a market (N. Negroponte and OLPC isn’t in it for the money). That just makes Intel’s move all the more disgusting (and me a happier owner of an AMD 🙂 ). I’m afraid that G8 doesn’t want anything good to happen to the developing countries. If they stopped being “developing” they’d be harder to exploit.

    Thank you both for commending pals 🙂

  4. Zero.

    Wat’s up homey. Been awhile. So, does “The Sold and Fuckenful” have a place on this blog? I guess I could search. My first time here. Nice.
    How ya been?

  5. Hi man :). Nice to see you around. It’s been an unconnected period from me but I hope I’ll make up soon.

    Yes – I think I’ll keep on with “The Sold And The Fuckenful”. It’s the only meaningless thing full of meaning that I can write.

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