Tick Tack

June 12, 2007




  1. Throw that hat away, everyone and scatter the rainy clouds – look up and you´ll see the right way to live.

  2. Yes maybe most complex problems bear simple solutions – like the Gordian knot or something. Yet, it’s those simple solutions that I find difficult to see.

    Thank you for commending dear Allan 🙂

  3. i don’t know how to call this (writing? poem?) but it’s great! i really like it 🙂

    i hope you feel better now 😀

  4. Thank you pal 🙂

  5. now i think that the best word for it would be multimedia 🙂

  6. 😆 Multichaos in my head maybe

  7. off: hey, why did you stop bloggig? this is my favourite blog…

  8. Dear Dule I’ll explain on my next post. Thank you for your nice words man 🙂

  9. anybody who’ll try to tell you, definitely doesn’t know.


    hope you’re well dear friend. my housemate has been seriously ill, so trying to catch up on things now.

  10. Yeah, I’d say so too 🙂

    I’m good dear Michelle. Just not feel like blogging lately. I’ll be back soon.

    Hope your housemate will do fine.

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