Who Is Burning Greece?

September 6, 2007

I thought that it were the usual land perpetrators but I was dead wrong. People with better intuition than mine have been connecting the dots in a much better way:

Here is the story.

(The article in Greek is here).



  1. If this catastrophe hadn´t occurred, I´d be denying the possibility of such a thing happening.

    Man, that´s out of this world.

  2. Nobody could imagine it dear Allan. I’m afraid though that it could be foreseen.

  3. well, i cant say that i’m surprised by developers doing that… but on this scale! i’m really shocked that greediness can be that big…

  4. wow. that is really scary.

  5. It wasn’t me I swear to “the bold and the beautiful” series.

    We must make clear that it wasn’t me. I think some pasokians did that horrible thing

  6. @ anna: it may fell into the “Conspiracy Theories” section Anna but the dots are connecting really well, and yes, it is scary as hell.

    @ mountzouris: 🙂 OK, I believe you. I’ll even testify for you if ever needed.

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