Hocus Pocus

October 14, 2007

Haven’t been around for some time now. That is because I lost my direction in this electronic calendar. That is because the same applies to most of the other magnetic fields that consist my life which is great thank you.

I’m not good in preserving relationships. That is apparent. Maybe it’s a short circuit in the contemporary part of my mind. The way I experience a more general problem in today’s human condition that is apt to sociology scientists to research. Or maybe I’m simply full of hocus pocus, which is quite contemporary too.

In fact I logged in today just to write a farewell post but I’m failing in that one too. Hell, I just can’t kill it. I have no idea where to lead this thing and absolutely no clue as to what to write about, but I just cannot close it down.

So, being as it is, maybe I should call this place “broken compass” or something like that and just write whatever it comes to my mind.



  1. just relax, write when you feel like it (or when you’re extremely bored, like i do 🙂 )

  2. Thank you dear Zen but I’ve decided to close it down.

    My best wishes man.

  3. well, i know how you fell (i was thinking about closing my blog too but, after all, i prefer status quo).if you ever decide to start blogging again, find some way to inform me.

    it was a pleasure reading you,
    best wishes too

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