Not Quite Dead Motherfathers!

September 11, 2008

Last March gamma ray burst almost got me but you’re gonna need MUCH more than just that!

He he he.

OK – I was far out in deep space saving another world (booze, speedy UFOs, sexy aliens and the rest of it), when I got an emergency call from Earth. Things are going straight to hell, I was told. My intervention to speed things up was desperately needed, they said. A series of physical destructions together with a mix of political shit made the atmosphere heavy like lead, the report wrote. I had to wear my Intergalactic Blue Helmet uniform, kiss all five pairs of hot lips (aaaahhhhhh – she’s a dream) of my alien fiance, get in my super-whoa spaceship AND GET MY ASS OVER HERE!

So, here I am earthlings. What’s the problem this time?


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