September 18, 2008

Which is very good news provided that it doesn’t crush us. Capitalism is so stupid and vile that it will yet again lead to the paranoid situation where everything in the material world is the way it was a day before but due to changes on meaningless numbers, people will starve.

Because money is meaningless per se. Cannot be eaten, cannot be drunk, cannot be used in any other way than as means of exchanging for real goods as long as the general exchange system holds. Money today doesn’t even stand for a stable quantity of anything in the material (aka real) world. In the past money used to be in direct and stable correspondence with gold or silver or potatoes, but that was way back. For decades now money is just numbers that reflect a fantasy world inhabited by system economists and their “science” which is based upon dogmas that are in fact political beliefs. It is sad that we buy their analogies of their fantasy world to the real world. In their world there are “laws” such as the inverse relation of supply and demand, which is in direct contrast to the needs of the real world (how social responsible is to raise prizes on goods when society most demands them?). Law of gravity holds and I’d be really surprised if it stopped working one day. Capitalism “laws” on the other hand are like rogue politicians, bound to go to hell.

Maybe human pre-history reaches its end and maybe I’ll live to see the dawn. Or maybe there will be no dawn but yet another pitch-black night called fascism or yet another “let’s cool down darling” liberal makeover and maybe this whole species oscillates in states in between ape and homo-“sapiens” till it finally presses the wrong button.

Ways out?

Oh. Just a bit googling and you get monetary reforms like this (also a good analysis on what’s fundamentally wrong with the system the way it is now), socialism like this and a gazillion others that most probably you won’t hear on mass media.



  1. Yeah, just saw the original, and I feel the same. Any idea who’s quote that is?

  2. You’re probably refferring to the previous post (Zeitgeist). No, I have no idea who says it but it’s killing me.

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