Out of a whim

September 22, 2008

Out of a whim I wrote the last post. For a tiny fraction of time I believed that “what the hell – how much more obvious can it be?”. That same whim led me to take part in the genesis of a worker union. Yet whim it was and whim it will stay at least for me. But it was the enstict to preserve my psychological and rational integrity that thrusts me out like a bullet.

What I’ve experienced is total selfishness and a fear towards whatever might even suggest leftism. At a time when me, a non-organised asshole sees as more than evident that left is the way out I smashed my head onto a wall of beliefs that I thought would be long over for people that are being exploited in their work.

Well it seems that the I.T. sector remains what it always was. Classless in its dreamy world. A large field of dreams with a loose connection to reality. What I got was a mindset of “fuck everyone else – we want raise – we don’t wanna show solidarity to the workers at the company down the street – we will focus on our problems – we don’t want left wing ideas that were relevant during junta – you are a red communist”.

Needless to say, I’m not a communist. I’m not even a socialist. I’m not even a left wing. To acquire such qualities one needs to do things not just say words. Too bad if you don’t know the difference. Also too bad that you think that what’s pushing you hard in your job is anything else than the same system that pushes everyone else around you. Too bad that you haven’t even begin to understand what you’re supposed to fight for if your fight has to have any duration and your winnings any sense. Too bad that – lost in your own selfish micro-world – cannot understand that fighting only for your own short term personal interest won’t get you far away. Too bad that you are allergic to left because it is the only scientific alternative to the shit that you’re eating right now. Too bad that you’re ready to begin a journey that interests no one but yourself.

To summarise. I won’t put the slightest effort in trying to make your dream of success come true because it interests no one but you and certainly not me. This is one school of mind taught to you by TV and CNN alikes and while you’re there you’re alone even if it seems otherwise. In the other school of thought your fight is my fight too and in your dream you are a being usefull to me and the others around you and not a burden to all but yourself.

So. Nerdy, apathetic, insensitive, socially blind, a-politic I.T. guy and gal. It’s left or your “Bill Gates success stories” dream. Choose your pill and fuck off.


whether you like it or not.

PS 1: Fuck your bonus. MANY, MANY people that you consider inferior but actually know and deserve much more  than you take a third of your money so your whining tells me nothing (and no one will actually care so quit this and your ridiculous “fights”).

PS 2: Really fuck your bonus and your whining about styding all these years for so little money. The waiter that served your coffee was a historian, studied harder than you, gets much less than you but has more dignity and awareness than you can dream off.

PS 3: You’re right on your fear about communism and socialism being another form of fascism. Any system will get to be a form of fascism for you if all you want is to just look your own job and have nothing to do with the commons. See, someone must manage your fucked up society if you have no intention to do it. Capitalism lets you get away (at least for now) by being a low intensity slave so you’re really right about feeling great about it. But stop whining when it comes for you the way it’s coming for 9/10ths of the people around you.

PS 4: I’m really ashamed that I belong to your loser team. Builders and shipyeard workers have tenfold our pride (and are much more useful than us) without having spend years talking to souless computers.


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