Where Am I?

September 17, 2009

In the movies the actor wakes up after who-knows-what and having no idea of anything yet he asks something like “Where am I?”.

Well  this blog could very well be the actor at hand, waking up after a year, wanting to know it’s whereabouts and whatabouts. This last word got a red line beneath it, which means that it’s not proper English but who cares in a situation like this. I mean that waking up after a coma lasting a year is already shocking enough – so let’s save the grammar for some other time.

Well, whoa! You’re awake bloggy. And explanations you want. But shouldn’t we just cherish the moment instead of blahblahing. What about leaving all questions for later and just sit here by the star light holding each other like a loving couple.

PS: Let’s call it Sabbatical and move on. Okay?



  1. Happy Sabbath!

  2. 🙂
    Missed my grumblings?
    (Nice to hear from you again man – hope you’re fine)

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