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3 For The Road

May 10, 2007

Sarkozy is cruising around, despite turmoil in Paris. Apparently open sea gives him new ideas about how to rehabilitate uncivilized immigrants. Turmoils is a piece of cake for him. Just picks up a mobile and dispatch riot police. Rioters bath in their blood. Sarkozy baths in Mediterranean. French right-wings and pensioners are proud to be French. Rousseau turns in his grave.

G8 is to land in Germany. Left-wings and activists are considered trash on the landing strip. Government frantically cleans the area but some fear that strong anti-globalization winds will quickly fill the place all over again. Maybe some terribly democratic EU body should vote a law to ban winds.

Historical youth center in Denmark was sold to a homophobic and islamophobic Christian sect. An anti-terror squad evicted squatters and then hell break loose. Apparently the new tenants didn’t like the decoration and wanted to change it all. Banners and the like may be replaced by many bleeding crucified Christs.