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Fishing In The Web

June 6, 2007
  • G8
    It’s G8 time again. Well actually there are more than 8 people around the table in Hamburg, Germany and a lot more outside the meeting site. Summit doesn’t go very well. The usual stuff. USA doesn’t want to hear about climate change, Russia is pissed with USA missiles brought under its nose. Blah, blah, blah. Read the rest of this entry ?

Our Civilization Seizes To Exist …

May 5, 2007

…as soon as power goes out.

This saying can be found written on several walls in downtown Athens.

Think a little about it. No power means no lights. Hope you keep some candles around or you’ll keep stumbling upon the dead home cinema and your couch, both fundamental elements of our civilization according to the ads. Of course you can’t have a bubbling bath or a shower, another basic according to the ads, because you’ll freeze and/or water comes all the way up to your home using electrical pumps. What about a nice meal (yet another ads basic)? Heh, hope you have something in a can ’cause stupid kitchen needs power too. Of course you also need an old fashioned manual can opener. What? Only an electrical in store? Well then, why don’t eat this deep frosen meat before it defrosts and reanimates and eats you? … Okay, Okay so long with staying home. Maybe you should take your car and go out for a while. Better though to avoid downtown ’cause traffic lights use electricity to keep chaos from streets (or at least they try)… Read the rest of this entry ?


Rat Drive

April 22, 2007

It was in a festival where I saw a documentary that scared the hell out of me. “The Cyborg Revolution” [1] describes advances in the field of…well, how can we connect living humans directly with computers. “Directly” means that the human-computer interface is not an external device such as keyboards and the like but rather sensors that detect nerve stimulations or electrodes directly sunk into brain.

Documentary proceeds to show a fair amount of cases where various patients have been treated with electronic device implants. For example a blind patient was able to actually see images by having his brain directly stimulated by a sophisticated electrode which is in turn was stimulated by a portable computer. Images captured through a camera adjusted at his glasses were being sent to the computer which processed them and sent signals up to the electrode inside patient’s brain. Electrical signals stimulated a special area of his brain and the outcome was visual stimulation (that is the patient actually was seeing).

Several other cases are presented Read the rest of this entry ?