… stands for Very Important Posts, which are posts from the blogosphere that I think they deserve one more reference (and of which I want to keep a kind of bookmark here). For now there isn’t much classification amongst them but I’ll work on that soon.

So, here they are (Date refers to when I discovered each post, not when it was actually published):

  • There are reasons to support same sex marriage even if you have a conservative view on the subject. The Bipartisan Appeal of Same Sex Marriage. (04 June 2007)
  • Faggot? Dillon finds himself wondering on how eggheads may reach to the conclusion that one is a faggot and how they respond to that. (15 May 2007)
  • We walk this life the way we walk paths in the woods. So, it’s not that weird that walking in the woods makes you thinking about walking onto life paths. Anyway, it’s simpler than that. Let Dillon tell you about in PATHS…. (28 Dec 2006)
  • No matter fucking what a stupid war is going on and nobody seems to remember a good reason why it ever started. Meanwhile it’s toll surpasses any metric. The Milestone in Iraq by Sal. (28 Dec 2006)
  • Who was Malachi Ritscher? A man that he deserves some of your time would be a very good answer. Spreading the Word by Allan. (03 Dec 2006)
  • Change Hurts. That’s a common saying but there’s more in that than meets the eye. Wanna see what science has to say about changes? Let Leirom show you around. (02 Dec 2006)
  • Just turned 30 or on your way to? Don’t panic. It ain’t all bad. Your Saturn return means much more than just a number. THREE POSTS LEFT by Dillon. (08 Oct 2006)
  • Iraq. What else must be aired to stop this fucking war? Iraq for sale by Dillon. (05 Oct 2006)
  • Advertising is all around us. Invading our lives, vision and thoughts. Wanna hear a short but cutting edge commend on it? Here is completed story by (un)pLu99eD. (22 Sep 2006)
  • Africa is where we all came from but it seems that we have forgotten about it. So here comes Allan to remind us some things. Africa. (17 Sep 2006)
  • Socrates and the joy of life and some lyrics are a delicious cocktail if you ask me. Canto Alla Vita by Sarah. (30 Aug 2006)
  • I don’t hear much about AIDS and I don’t hear much about Africa’s problems. Maybe that’s because mass media think that those topics got out of fashion or because they are busy promoting the power of nightmares. Thankfully, there are people to remind certain things and to say that they are our business. It Is My Responsibility To Preserve Humanity by Derryck. (16 Aug 2006)
  • Women. The very reason why each one of us walks on this planet. Wanna hear how it all begun? Women by Sarah. (14 Aug 2006)
  • Aarhus is the second largest town in Denmark. Yeah, that country that wanted to sell their cheese under the Greek name Feta. Gee man!…Kidding of course. So, Aarhus has a history lesson about war to tell and couldn’t get a better narrator. WW2 in Aarhus – a short history lesson by Allan. (14 Aug 2006)

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