Faq (About)

  • Q: Why? (aka Mission Statement)
    A: I’m here to speak of what’s happening inside my head. To get it out before it drives me crazy. To get to know people beyond my country and my everyday life. To see how they think. To open my mind and listen to views and critique. To see where this all will lead and finally to save the world. Ta daaaam!
  • Q: Who is zeroG?
    A: The writer of this blog, of course.
  • Q: You have used my work (text, images, whatever) and either you didn’t give me the proper credit or I don’t want you to use it at all.
    A: I’m sorry if I didn’t give proper credit. Yet, there is no problem. Just drop me an e-mail saying that you want me to remove your stuff or amend the credits.
  • Q: Your English sucks.
    A: Well, that may be because it’s not my mother tongue. I’d appreciate it if you’d help me improve it. (Btw, my mother tongue is Greek but it might be worse than my English.)
  • Q: Where is the original meteor picture that I see on your header?
    A: Here
  • Q: There’s nothing about space in here!
    A: Of course there is. We all float in space. Think about it. Yet if you want a really good space blog try this one and that one.
  • Q: I want to use something you wrote. May I?
    A: As long as you give proper credit and won’t use it to make money, I’m fine with it. You can see the licence here.
  • Q: You bastard want to make money out of it!
    A: Yes, I’m considering getting the 10-15 people that read me, to pay a subscription. Get serious.
  • Q: You warn about possible porn in your blog but I hardly see any.
    A: Really? Then I have to put in some boobs or something.
  • Q: I’ve left a comment and I never got to see it published.
    A: Well, maybe you’re calling me names or something like this. Maybe you said bad thing about penguins or whales. Maybe I erroneously deleted it (OK, this actually happened once and I got to copy-paste it from the browser’s cache… Don’t ask.)
  • Q: I see you’re quite supportive to gays. Are you a gay?
    A: No I’m not but if that would made any difference to you then you’re browsing the wrong blog.
  • Q: I want to meet you.
    A: If you are here, we have already met.
  • Q: Why do you write in English?
    A: Because if I wrote in Greek it’d be all Greek to you.
  • Q: Nobody really asked any of these, huh?
    A: I did.
  • Q: What does HYS mean?
    A: Hope You Smile 🙂


  1. Thank you for re-posting the info on our free HEART of the BEHOLDER Web Theater. It truly means a lot to me.

    All my best,
    Darlene Lieblich
    Executive Producer

  2. 🙂 Don’t mention it

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