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Ever Considered Us As A Disease?

September 1, 2007

How Money Is Created?

August 20, 2007

Has been some time since I last posted but I believe this video digged in one of my rare net surfing sessions is certainly worth watching.



It Grows Before It Dies

May 21, 2007

I’ll propose something that will drive half of my readers away for a few minutes (at least). After that, they’ll hopefully be back to call me names. So, here it is:
What if what is firstly needed is not to make the poor countries richer but to make the rich countries poorer?

Well, apparently you’re back if you’re still reading this. So, let me rephrase it in a way less flashy but more meaningful. I believe that western way of living and its driving force, the free market’s everlasting growth, simply are a suicide for us all.

Now let me clarify a bit. As long as I remember myself, economy and politics both nationally and globally were about growth. And growth there was indeed. I can see it at national level (even for a lightly industrial country like Greece) and I can hear of it at a global level. Read the rest of this entry ?


Like Snow ?

May 3, 2007

Be sure to take it all today.

OK. It just begged to be shared.


Kurt Vonnegut On Global Warming

May 1, 2007

Like the lady in the vid I find some writers mind blowing. Even though I just started reading Kurt Vonnegut it seems to me that I’ll form a long time relationship with his writings. Funny thing I got one of his books just the day after his death without even knowing about it. Anyway, here are some selected quotes from Kurt Vonnegut’s last book. Global warming and the killing of our planet is the main line behind them.

1. More on how and why we are in a state of climate change denial here.
2. If you want facts and analysis by working climate scientists you can try here.


Cars Are Eating More Than Miles

March 29, 2007

(If you are too tired to read through my rumblings please jump right to the end of post and read the linked articles. This is way too important to miss.)

I’m not much of an ecologist, which is I don’t believe that ecology alone is a theory that may be used to successfully change society. I find ecology as part of a broader political theory much more viable. To say it simply, I’m not the first to yell “close that fucking stinking factory” because I’m well aware that this factory gives food to it’s workers and their families and if it closes down there will be a huge humanitarian problem (unless you care more about wildlife than humans which is a totally respected view but it’s not my view (yet)).

What I’m trying to point out is that our world is a far cry from being simple or even linear. You think that you have a solution for a problem but you may be inches from creating a worse problem. Simple to predict but totally obscured under your rush to solve the problem at hand.

So. You may have heard of biofuels. Read the rest of this entry ?